Nikolaj Majorov

Data of birth: August 18, 2000
Club: Luleå KK
Length: 160 cm
Started walking: at two years of age
Included in: Svenska Konståkningsförbundens Juniorlandslag
Coach: Father Alexander (Sr), Mom Irina and Big Brother Alexander
Choreographer: Irina Majorov
Family: Dad Alexander (Sr.), Mister Irina, Big Brother Alexander
Pets: Dog Chuck
TV Favorite: Cooking Program
Favorite color: Blue
Favorite food: A Russian dish, reminiscent of griddle
Favorite drink: Cola
Favorite music: Blues

Nikolaj Majorov goes to Alexander’s footsteps in his renowned big brother, and has a gold from youth SM and a JSM gold on the merit list. His goal is to get to the European Championships and the World Cup – and to become a pilot.

Why do you like to go skiing?

“It’s a fun sport. Especially when you’ve been fighting for some time, and at last it will be. And it’s fun to show off what you can.

How did you get started?

– It’s the family. Everything came after the brother, he is a big model for me and also dad, who is my coach. So it became natural that I also went.

What do you think you are good at in the art of shooting?

– The ride, I am pleased with it. I have received feedback from judges that I’m good at giving out energy.

What do you need to be better at?

– Piruettes. That’s something I need to improve.

What are you thinking about when you compete?

“What I have learned over the last year is that I do not have to be so nervous. I’ll only show what I can. If not, it will not work, and then I’ll fix it on another competition.

What is your goal?

– To enter a championship, such as the European Championship or World Cup.

How are you going to get there?

– Exercise and be patient.

What did you do in your spare time if you did not go skiing?

“At the moment, I am also doing photography. But otherwise I would have liked to learn more about being a pilot. That’s probably the highest goal since when to start work.

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Date of birth: August 18, 2000
Place of birth: Luleå
Home town: Luleå
Height: 171 cm
Started skating: 2003
Club: Luleå KK
Coaches: Irina Majorova, Alexander Majorov Sr
Choreographer: Irina Majorova
Summer training: 26 hours/week at Luleå (Sweden)
Winter training: 25 hours/week at Luleå (Sweden)
Member of: Swedish Figure Skating Junior National Team
Selected for the national team: February 2016

Music for the 2017-2018 season

Short program: ”Boom Boom Pow”, by William Adams, Allan Pineda, Jaime Gomez & Stacy Ferguson, performed by The Black Eyed Peas; ”Pump It”, by William Adams, Allan Pineda, Thomas Van Musser, Stacy Ferguson & Nicholas Roubanis, performed by The Black Eyed Peas

Free skating: ”Pirates of the Caribbean” (orchestral arrangement) from the concert ”Organ Symphony”, by Klaus Badelt, performed by Auckland Symphony Orchestra

Best results in ISU competitions

Personal best: 163,31 (JGP Tallinn Cup 2016)
Seasonal best: 156,71 (JGP Riga Cup 2017)

Best results including international competitions, Swedish Championships and Elite Leauge Finals

Personal best: 178,81 (Elite League Final 2018, Junior)
Seasonal best: 178,81 (Elite League Final 2018, Junior)

Results in the Olympic Games and international championships

2017 2018
Olympic Games - -
World Championships - -
European Championships - -
World Junior Championships 31 -

Results in ISU Junior Grand Prix

2016 2017
Tallinn Cup 10 -
Riga Cup - 13
Overall placement 47 59

Results in national competitions including championships and Elite League Finals

2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018
Swedish Championships Junior - - - - 1 - 2
Swedish Championships Novice (Boys 15) - - - 1 - - -
National Championships (Boys 13) 3 - 3 - - - -
Elite League Finals Junior - - - - 1 - 2
Elite League Finals Novice - - 2 WD - - -

Results in other international junior competitions

2015 2016 2017 2018
Coupe Int. de Nice 6 8 -
Sofia Trophy - 2 - -
The Nordics - 1 1 -
Coupe du Printemps - 2 - 3
European Youth Olympic Festival - - 10 -
Kaunas Ice Autumn Cup - - 1
Tallinn Trophy - - 8
Golden Spin - - 2
Bavarian Open - - - 4

Results in other international novice competitions

2012 2013 2014 2015
The Nordics 6 - WD 2
Lombardia Trophy - 2 - -
NRW Trophy - - 2 -
Hellmut Seibt Memorial - - - 3