Selma Ihr

Date of birth: February 23, 2004
Club: Föreningen Solna Konståking
Height: 147 cm
Part of: the Swedish National Figure Skating Association Challenger Group, Junior
Started skating: at the age of three
Family: mother Ida, father Peter, older brother Hugo and younger brother Tore
Trainer: Cecilia Willberg
Choreographer: Cecila Willberg
Pets: Seven bunnies and two dogs *
Likes to watch on TV: Either Figure Skating or MI High
Favorite colour: Pink
Favorite food: Tacos
Favorite beverage: Milk
Favorite music: I don’t know, I don’t listen that much to music

Born in February 2004 but already completing several triple jumps, she’s proven to be someone to lookout for in the future. Selma Ihr loves everything Figure Skating, both on the ice and in front of the television.

What made you start skating?
– I followed my brother to his ice hockey practice. I noticed som figure skaters practicing on the ice and thought it looked cool. So I told my parents I wanted to try it.

What do you like about it figure skating?
– I like how there is always something happening, changing. And it’s fun to jump.

Who are some of your role models within Figure Skating?
– Last year I would have said Julia Lipnitskaja, during the Olympics. But she’s had a bit of a dip in form since then. So I would say Elizaveta Tuktamysheva.

In your own opinion, what is your biggest strength in your skating?
– Probably the jumps.

What parts do you feel that you can improve?
– The skating and facial expression. And being able to perform the movements in a competition as well as I do in practice.

What is your goal?
– The Olympics.

Do you have any milestones along the way?
– Junior World Championships and European Championships. And Grand Prix.

How will reach your goals?
– Practice, and then some. It’s important that I want it.

What else, besides Figure Skating, do you like to do?
– I like jumping on the trampoline. And spending time with my bunnies. I have seven of them.

*After the interview, Selma calls us back up again.

– By the way. You asked me how many pets we have at home. And I realized that we have hundreds of ants in our backyard, too.


Date of birth: February 23, 2004
Place of birth: Stockholm
Home town: Vaxholm
Height: 145 cm
Started skating: 2007
Club: Föreningen Solna Konståkning
Coach: Cecilia Willberg
Choreographer: Cecilia Wilberg
Former coach: Vyacheslav Chiliy
Summer training: 19 hours/week at Solna / Falkenberg (Sweden)
Winter training: 20 hours/week at Solna (Sweden)
Member of: Swedish National Figure Skating Junior Team
Selected for the national team: August 2016

Music for the 2017-2018 season

Short program: ”Over the Rainbow”, by Harold Arlen, performed by Danielle Hope
Free skating: ”Pas de deux” from the ballet ”The Nutcracker”, by Piotr Tchaikovsky

Best results in ISU competitions

Personal best: 150,35 (World Junior Championships 2018)
Seasonal best: 150,35 (World Junior Championships 2018)

Best results including international competitions, Swedish Championships and Elite League Finals

Personal best: 150,35 (World Junior Championships 2018)
Seasonal best: 150,35 (World Junior Championships 2018)

Results in the Olympic Games and international championships

Olympic Games -
World Championships -
European Championships -
World Junior Championships 14

Results in ISU Junior Grand Prix

JGP Brisbane 11
Minsk Arena Cup 9
Overall placement 40

Results in national competitions including championships and Elite League Finals

2015 2016 2017 2018
Swedish Championships Junior - - - 1
Swedish Championships Novice (Girls 14) - - 1 -
National Championships (Girls 12) 1 1 - -
Elite League Finals Junior - -
Elite League Finals Novice 15 - - -
Elite League Finals Novice 13 1 1 -

Results in other international junior competitions

Bavarian Open 4

Results in other international novice competitions

2014 2015 2016 2017
NRW Trophy 9 9 1 -
Coupe du Printemps - 5 4 -
Gardena Spring Trophy - 7 - -
Lombardia Trophy - 4 - -
Volvo Open Cup - 1 - -
Mentor Cup - - 2 1
The Nordics - - 1 1
Golden Bear - - 5 -