Smilla Szalkai

Date of birth: September 10, 2001
Club: Älta IF
Height: 164 cm
Started going: at 6-7 years
Included in: Sweden’s Olympic Committee’s Challenge
Coach: Marie Olsson
Choreographer: Catharina Lindgren
Family: Dad Anders, Mom Annika, Little sister Fanny
Pets: No
TV favorites: Athletics and gymnastics
Favorite color: Purple
Favorite food: Grandma’s lasagna and tacos
Favorite drink: Milk
Favorite music: Pop

The bronze medalist from JSM 2017, Smilla Szalkai, says that one of her great forces is the fast-paced piruettes. And that she has as a goal to complete all the triple jump.

How did you start traveling?

“We lived in Stockholm, and used to go for an outdoor drink in Vasaparken. Then my dad found a camp I could go on, and then I got stuck.

Your father Anders is another famous runner, who won the Stockholm Marathon in 2001. Was there never talk that you would also be running running?

“Well, at first I ran a bit too, but now it’s full focus on the art of shooting.

Why do you like to go skiing?

“I like to show myself, and to compete. It’s fun that there are so many parts to work out. Not only on the ice, but also ballet, strength, excitement, fitness training and so on.

What role models do you have?

– South Korean Yu-Na Kim and Japanese Mao Asada. And Julia Lipnitskaja from Russia.

What are your strengths in art workouts?

– That I’m pretty graceful and go fine. And I have fast pizzas.

What do you need to be better at?

– Do not get angry when it goes bad without putting it behind me. I can hang up on things that do not work.

What is your goal?

“Of course, I dream of joining championship. But I have goals on the way like to get triple-trip combinations and all triplets.

How are you going to get there?

– Train most of all and fight and believe in myself.

What did you do in your spare time if you did not go skiing?

– Then I might have been doing some other sports like gymnastics or athletics.

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Date of birth: September 10, 2001
Place of birth: Stockholm
Home town: Älta
Height: 166 cm
Started skating: 2007
Club: Älta IF
Coach: Marie Olsson
Choreographer: Catarina Lindgren
Summer training: 23 hours/week at Colorado Springs CO (USA) / Gotland / Nyköping / Älta (Sweden)
Winter training: 17 hours/week at Älta (Sweden)
Member of: Swedish National Figure Skating Junior Team
Selected for the national team: November 2017

Music for the 2017-2018 season

Short program: ”Havana”, movie soundtrack by Dave Grusin

Free skating: “Forbidden Love” from ”Romeo & Juliet”, by Abel Korzeniowski;  “The Cheek of Night” from “Romeo & Juliet”, by Abel Korzeniowski;  “Trooping with Crows” from “Romeo & Juliet”, by Abel Korzeniowski

Personal best:
Seasonal best:

Best results including international competitions, Swedish Championships and Elite League Finals

Personal best: 137,11 (Elite League Final 2018, Junior)
Seasonal best: 137,11 (Elite League Final 2018, Junior)

Results in national competitions including championships and Elite League Finals

2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018
Swedish Championships Junior - - - 4 3 2
Swedish Championships Novice (Girls 14) - - 2 - - -
National Championships (Girls 12) 5 1 - - - -
Elite League Finals Junior - - - 3 3 1
Elite League Finals Novice 15 - - WD - - -
Elite League Finals Novice 13 4 2 - - - -

Results in other international junior competitions

2016 2017 2018
The Nordics 9 7 1
Coupe Int. de Nice 5 -
NRW Trophy 18 -
Challenge Cup - 3 9
Kaunas Ice Autumn Cup - 7
Cup of Tyrol - - 7

Results in other international novice competitions

2014 2015 2016
The Nordics 16 4 -
Coupe du Printemps 3 - -
Hellmut Seibt Memorial - 4 -
World Dev. Trophy (Group B) - 3 -
Leo Scheu Memorial - 5 -
Tallinn Trophy - 6 -
Bavarian Open (Group II) - - 5