ISU European Figure Skating Championship 2015

ISU European Figure Skating Championship 2015

Welcome to a frosty championship!

Experience the world’s greatest figure skating stars live in Stockholm. Competing for the medals in the largest spherical arena there is: Ericsson Globe.

It’s the first time in almost 70 years that an international competition in Figure Skating is held in the Capital of Sweden: Stockholm. Practice sessions starts on January 26 and competitions on the 28th – ending with the Gala Exhibition on February first.

We welcome you to ISU European Figure Skating Championships 2015. The Swedish Figure Skating Association is your host. And tickets are available now!


Nature, fashion and music. A strong tradition of choir-singing and dance. A great love of all these things, of figure skating and the city of Stockholm. And so the scene is set for this year’s championships, crowned by our very own Crown Princess Viktoria, the event’s patron.

With the first frosts of winter, the lakes and the sea start to ice over. That frost-bitten feeling, full of thrill and expectation! It’s impossible to replace that with the artificial ice of an arena setting, a prerequisite for championship-level competition. That’s why we’re bringing natural ice into the Ericsson Globe to let it play its part!

A lyrical premiere

The European Championships in Stockholm will be the first ISU championships where music with lyrics is permitted in all classes (formally, this was restricted to Synchronised Figure Skating and Ice Dance).

Gala Finale 1 February

You can’t have a figure-skating championship without also having a show! When the competition is over and the medals have been handed out, the figure skaters take to the ice free from the pressure and the point-scoring. Enjoy it as much as they do, as they perform their show numbers in a magically-lit Ericsson Globe.

Sunday 1 February, 3-5pm.
Tickets available from 350–995 SEK.


Get the latest results

Eight competitions are held during the EC 2015. Keep track of all the different results and starting orders, click here and we will navigate you to all that you need to know!


Official Charity

An international championship will be a boost for the sport, but can also be used as a tool to reach new audiences and create new partnership opportunities. the european championships are well-publicised to raise awareness of figure Skating, as well as promoting issues related to the sport and those involved in it.

Out of ten actively competing skaters in Sweden, eight are women. figure Skating is a sport you have to start early, often in childhood. for the 2015 european championships, the Swedish figure Skating association is working in partner- ship with the World childhood foundation for every child’s right to a safe, happy childhood. We are also partnering with the Woman in red campaign for women’s health. 15% of total ticket sales will go direct to these two organisations. you can also donate in person at the ericsson Globe, and find out more about the organisations and the projects they run.

ICEHOTEL Foto Martin Smedsen

Podium of Ice from the Torneälven River

Our medallists will mount a podium of ice broken from the rivers of northern Sweden. This frosty setting is a collaboration with the Ice Hotel in Jukkasjärvi, with river ice from the Arctic Circle and incredible ice-sculptors here in Stockholm.

Catching those golden reactions on camera Behind a wall of ice, the final competing groups in the Free Program will be waiting to find out who’ll take their place on the podium and who’ll be left on the sidelines. For the first time ever, their reactions will be broadcast from the green room.


Lars Wallin is one of Sweden’s most prominent designers, and he’s crazy about figure skating. He’s also the genius behind our frosty medal-bearers’ costumes. Fashion also finds its way into our visual imagery. Photographer Emma Svensson has taken the pictures of the Swedish national team, the faces of the European Championships. Imagery that captures them here and now. Faces of fashion.