ISU World Synchronized Skating Championships® 2018

Preliminary Competition Schedule

Thursday April 5th

17.30 – Opening / Draw ceremony: Kungsträdgården, downtown Stockholm. No tickets required.

Friday April 6th

17.30 – Official opening on ice in Stockholm Ericsson Globe

18.15–22.00 – Competition: Short Program


Saturday April 7th

14.00 – Competition: Free Skating
Group B

16.15 – Competition: Free Skating
Group A

Victory Ceremony will be held shortly after the competition

Swedish teams to compete in the 2019 ISU World Junior Synchronized Championships released

Team Spirit and Team Seaside will represent Sweden in the 2019 ISU World Junior Synchronized Skating Championships, held in Neuchâtel Switzerland, March 15–16.


Withdrawal of Team Sweden from the 2019 ISU World Synchronized Skating Championships

The Swedish Figure Skating Association is announcing the withdrawal of Team Sweden from the 2019 ISU World Synchronized Skating Championships to be held in Helsinki Finland, April 12–14, 2019. Synchronized skating at the Senior level in Sweden is in a transitional period and the Association is working on a development structure to strengthen synchronized skating throughout the system. Synchronized skating is a very important discipline to the Swedish Figure Skating Association and we will continue to fulfil our role in the development of the sport within Sweden and worldwide.


Interview with Scott Rachuk

With the Swedish Nationals quickly approaching we touched base with Scott Rachuk, our new Sports Director. He’s been in Sweden for a little bit more than two months and has been working around the clock to set up the workflow and analyze Swedish Figure Skating to the bone. what are the main challenges ahead? What are the main priorities moving forward?


Team Surprise end their 35-year history of Synchronized Skating

Team Surprise, the oldest and most successful synchronized skating team in Sweden, will end their more than 35-year history in the sport. Their final competition was the 2018 ISU World Synchronized Skating Championships in Stockholm, Sweden, where they won the silver medal. The legacy of Team Surprise will include a new way of educating coaches in Synchronized Skating. Their founder and head coach, Andrea Dohány will shift her focus from every day coaching to building a stronger foundation for Synchronized Skating in Sweden.


Swedish Figure Skating Association’s new Sports Director is Scott Rachuk from Canada.

The new Sports Director of The Swedish Figure Skating Association is from Canada and called Scott Rachuk. In a big interview with Skatesweden he talks about his visions and hopes regarding Swedish figure skating.


First Information

The Swedish Figure Skating Association and the city of Stockholm welcome skaters officials, judges and guests from all International Skating Union Members to the ISU World Synchronized Skating championships in Stockholm, held on 6th-7th April 2018. In First Information we have collected all initial info for participants in the championships.

I want to know everything about Stockholm and the championship!

Follow us on our journey to the WSSC

Ännu ett styrkebesked för svensk konståkning! 💪 Josefin Taljegårds och Nikolaj Majorovs framgångar på VM säkrade två platser för 🇸🇪 till OS i Peking 2022. Läs mer på .

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Nytt nummer av "Senaste nytt från svensk konståkning" ute nu ➡

Du vet väl om att du kan prenumerera på vårt nyhetsbrev? Då får du nyhetsbrevet direkt till din e-post. 👍 Direktlänk för prenumeration hittar du i nyhetsbrevet.

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📷 @emjoeyes

Tips till åkare och ledare! Helgen den 17-18 april anordnas fyra digitala föreläsningar på fyra olika teman. Tre av föreläsningarna riktar sig till aktiva och ledare oavsett disciplin och den fjärde föreläsningen är specifikt för synkro. Sista anmälningsdag är den 12 april. Mer information ➡

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Glad påsk!

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Tack @josefintaljegard och @nikolaj_majorov för spänning, dramatik, underhållning och fantastiska prestationer i er VM-debut! 👏🇸🇪

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📷 Maria Jangbro
📷 Internation Skating Union

Nikolaj blev idag förste svensk att klara en kvadrupel salcow på tävling! ⭐
En strålande inledning av Nikolaj i friåkningen men tyvärr höll det inte hela vägen i dagens VM-final.

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