World Championships: Interview with Julien Leclerc

Totally normal with 20 girls always around.

Synchronized skating is a unisex sport, in which a team can consist of up to 50% male skaters. A member of Sweden 2 (Team Boomerang), Julien Leclerc is the only male skater to represent Sweden in the 2018 ISU World Synchronized Skating Championships. But Julien’s path began as young as the age of 8 in France, where his grandmother took him to learn-to-skate classes.
“I’ve always wanted to try skating, and the same year as I started to take lessons, I also auditioned to be part of a synchro team. So that’s how my skating career started.”

What is it like being the only guy on the team?
“It’s still a new feeling for me, but I’m getting used to always having 20 girls around. Last year, we had two guys in the team, but I wasn’t competing at that time.”

How is it to represent Sweden at Worlds?
“This is the first World Championships after four years since my last, and the first time I’ll be representing a country other than the one I was born in. I feel quite proud to be a part of the national team and to be able to compete!”

Does synchro have a need for more male skaters?
“I think it would be more fun with more guys involved in both synchro and figure skating in general. I believe that everyone, male or female, can practice and compete in figure skating.”

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