Nathalie Lindqvist is re-running for Athletes Commission


Vote for Nathalie for the Athletes Commission at ISU Worlds Synchronized Skating Championships, Finland, 2019

First and foremost, thank you all for the opportunity to introduce myself, and my dedication to our sport – Synchronized Skating.

I’m Nathalie. I’m a passionate Synchronized skater and up to recently the Team Captain of Swedish Team Surprise. I started team skating when I was eight years old, and in my first Worlds here in Finland in 2011. Since then I have participated in every ISU World Synchronized Skating Championship, the last two years with the special privilege as your representative in the ISU Athletes Commission.

Athletes Commission is inspiring and the work important to us today and for the future. The collaboration with all disciplines is key. To share experiences and teach each other what is important in our respectively world of skating.

As a synchronized figure skater, you always have ideas on how the world of figure skating works. We know the core of our passion, and for many of us our profession. It has to be shared and an important part of the work is to contribute with those ideas and specific needs. One example is to the technical committee within ISU, that I have a good dialogue with. That I would like to continue. A lot can change and develop, and I would really like to participate in that work for the upcoming four years.

We dream of being a part of the Olympic Games. I was a part of the Working Group for the Games in Beijing 2022 whose sole purpose was to finalize the application. Unfortunately, the decision was not to our favor, this time. However, we took giant steps this time. And have moved the position for acceptance. I believe it will happen and will strive for it.

Listening to you, my fellow synchro friends, is important to me. To hear from your hearts and minds that practice every day and compete, moving our sport into the future. Your contribution of ideas and my experience, time and dedication is what I would like to develop and bring to the table in the Athletes Commission. We shall not back down now. The Olympics is in reach and we have to work for it, and believe in it, every day. Together we will make Synchro an accepted part of the Olympic Games!

I want to be your voice for Synchronized Skating in the Athletes Commission. It would be an honor to represent you. I know that your thoughts and dedication is a major contribution for our sport’s future. And I have the time in hand, now out of active skating, the will and have just started my work for our sport outside the ice.

Thank you!
Nathalie Lindqvist

Former Team Captain, Team Surprise, Sweden
Your representative in the Athletes Commission 2017–2019

If you are at the Worlds, listen to Nathalie at Skaters Meeting at 7.30 pm (EEST), Wednesday April 10th
ISU Worlds Synchronized Skating Championships, Finland, 2019

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